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GEZE at World's Leading Trade Fair for Architecture, Materials and Systems

Our aim is to support customers and partners in all phases of a building’s life cycle for future buildings. We would like to find out together with you what would be the best solution for your building. Since a successful project always starts with a good discussion.

  • BAU 2019 in Munich from 14th until 19th January 2019
  • GEZE welcomes you in hall B1, booth 538 - 539
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Our highlights at BAU

Convenient and safe

MSW Comfort

MSW Comfort

A new automatic locking concept for manual sliding wall systems (MSW) makes operation even safer and easier - for example, in high-end retail construction. The new solution MSW Comfort uses an activator unit to lock the glass elements in the floor and the elements to each other. This means that MSW systems can be automatically locked and unlocked, simply, comfortable and with little physical effort - all without manual operation of the manual locking device.

Further aesthetic room partitionings

Overhead door closer

TS 5000 SoftClose

Gentle, powerful and accessible: the new TS 5000 SoftClose

A new generation of the TS 5000: depending on requirements, a latching action can be set, or the door leaf can be slowed down to the last opening degree. However, the door will safely be pulled shut with the same amount of power - even in difficult environmental conditions.

More TS 5000 especially for your needs

Door damper fitted on the door frame

GEZE ActiveStop

Fitted on the door frame or as integrated version: the GEZE ActiveStop is real door comfort for your home

Don't miss the live installation from the new GEZE ActiveStop fitted on the door frame at our booth. The system ensures the controlled, damped opening and closing of room doors and, as a result, creates an entirely new convenience. This version fitted on the frame can simply be adhered into position, and then removed again.

Discover GEZE ActiveStop

NEW: thermally separated profile

ECdrive sliding door solution

Improved running characteristics and easy installation: the new ECdrive sliding door solution

The development of the ECdrive sliding door solution: the combination of a drive and a newly developed, thermally separated profile offers improved running character and easier installation. Moreover, a reduced height for the drive cover and the fine-framed profile ensure that the design is discreet and attractive. 

Further clever sliding door possibilities

Wireless extension for hold-open systems

Wireless KIT GC 170

Now available: the new wireless KIT GC 170

The hold-open system programme with the new FA GC 170 wireless extension is even more discreet, and safer: as a result, cable connections can now be replaced by wireless solutions – a welcome solution, even for retrofitting.

More about the wireless KIT GC 170

Overview hold-open systems

New Smoke Switch Control Unit


New solution for unfavourable lintel situations, which, e.g. leave too little space above the smoke chambers: The smoke switch control unit RSZ 7 has a telescope feature. The smoke detector can be extended, thus allowing overhangs of about 30 mm to be bridged. © GEZE GmbH

New solution for unfavourable lintel situations, which, e.g. leave too little space above the smoke chambers: the new RSZ 7 smoke switch control unit possesses a new telescope function. The smoke detector can be extended, thus allowing to bridge overhangs of about 30 millimetres. The smoke switch control unit is connected to the 230 Volts power network via the integrated power supply, and it reliably supplies each connected GEZE hold-open device with a 24 Volts direct current (DC). The control unit is attached to the vertical wall above the active leaf, enabling early fire and smoke recognition.

Further information about hold-open systems

Safety without compromises

New IQ lock self-locking panic locks

New generation of GEZE IQ locks

The new generation of IQ lock self-locking panic locks also provides new functions. In the electrical IQ lock EL variant, the motor lock control is integrated into the housing - no additional installati on is needed. In combination with the GEZE IQ lock Emergency Power buffer - mounted directly in the door leaf - and an automatic swing door drive, a complete fire door system can be realised.
The IQ lock EL, IQ lock C and IQ lock M variants will be available with distances of 72 mm (for Euro profile cylinders) and 74 mm (for Swiss round cylinders) and the 65 mm backset.

About the GEZE IQ locks

Read more about accessibility

Building automation

GEZE Cockpit

The building automation system GEZE Cockpit: intelligent networking with BACnet and KNX

The GEZE Cockpit building automation system, in combination with interface modules and automatic products, will be one of the highlights at the booth yet again. It communicates on the basis of the BACnet and KNX open communication protocols. It is constantly being developed, and the latest software version has a new, more intuitive user interface and additional features - alarm settings, for instance.

Intelligent networking: the GEZE Cockpit

Further information about building automation

Compact professional for safe solutions

MBZ 300 N8

MBZ 300

The new N8 variant of the MBZ 300 modular bus control unit convinces with its particularly compact housing. This makes it the right choice for small and medium sized buildings and stairwells. For an optimum line feed within the building, the MBZ 300 N8 can be installed as a central control unit in the building, or used in a decentralised manner, in the form of several networked control panels.

The smoke and heat extraction system control MBZ 300

More about smart building

Elegant underfloor operator

Powerturn UFO NT

Subtle and strong: the Powerturn UFO NT

The GEZE Powerturn swing door system is also available as an underfloor operator, specially developed for the British market. The entire door automation is accommodated virtually invisibly in the floor and in the wall. Doors with a weight of up to 125 kg and a width of up to 1250 mm can be moved. The underfloor version is especially suitable for environments with particularly high aesthetic aspirations, or for use with glass doors. 

Discover the Powerturn variants

„All-in-one“ solution

Door Hardware

The "ALL-IN-ONE" solution for different requirements and markets

With the complementary door set product range GEZE offers a perfect extension to the well-known and vast basic GEZE portfolio and creates a complete all-in-one  solution from a single source whilst integrating the overall GEZE design. 

Automatic sliding door drive

ECdrive 80

Silent running for harmonious environment with ECdrive 80

The GEZE ECdrive 80 linear sliding door system combines customer benefits and an excellent cost and performance ratio. ECdrive 80 moves door leaves of up to 80 kg and is suitable for light internal doors in public areas. High-quality materials and reliable control technology guarantee high efficiency. Servicing costs are considerably reduced thanks to the self-cleaning roller carriage. The new slim and elegant GEZE design gives the system an attractive appearance.

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We are looking forward to welcoming you in hall B1 on our booth 538 - 539.

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