GEZE at BAU 2023

BAU, World's Leading Trade Fair for Architecture, Materials, Systems, took place from 17 to 22 April at the Trade Fair Center Messe München. In line with our trade fair motto "Liveable buildings: sustainable, digital, smart", we were happy to advising you on our products, system solutions and services for doors and windows.

Highlights at BAU 2023


myGEZE Control

Product illustration myGEZE Control

The new networking solution myGEZE Control integrates door, window and safety technology in building management. © GEZE GmbH

The myGEZE Control networking solution integrates the areas of door, window and safety technology. For this purpose, the system uses the open standard BACnet. In this way, automated processes in the building and central monitoring make the use of the property more convenient and secure.

Advantages of the myGEZE Control networking solution:

  • Energy-optimised sequence of the entire building operation
  • Standardised BACnet project planning can be used independently of service providers and the building management product used
  • Implementation in manufacturer-neutral building management, hazard management and CAFM systems possible
    Software option myGEZE Visu allows independent visualisation solutions for the GEZE product systems

Revo.PRIME automatic revolving door system


With a low ceiling canopy and narrow profile, for excellent design © GEZE GmbH

The most beautiful way to say welcome © GEZE GmbH

The Revo.PRIME revolving door system impresses with its minimal canopy height. Thanks to the narrowest profile systems, it also impresses with maximum design in the entrance area - for more free space, more transparency and significantly more lightness.

Advantages of the Revo.PRIME automatic revolving door system:

  • Very quiet running, low-wear drive solution with a canopy height of only 75 mm
  • Precise closing of the door leaves with the side walls
  • Effective insulation effect against draughts, weather and noise
  • Adjustable automatic speed setting, in line with the number of people passing through
  • Manual operation of the door possible, e.g. to carry out cleaning work
Slimmer design – more functionality

ECdrive T2 sliding door system

Product illustration sliding door system ECdrive T2

Automatic linear sliding door system for doors with a leaf weight of up to 140 kg.

The latest generation of the tried and tested ECdrive sliding door solution has additional benefits, especially for very large and wide doors. The optional double roller carriage allows the maximum leaf weight to increase to up to 140 kg. This has allowed the leaf area to increase in size by almost 20 per cent and is incredibly eye-catching, for example in shop fronts. An reinforced track at the same time improves movement across the track.

Advantages of the ECdrive T2 sliding door system:

  • Slim cover height of 100 mm
  • Reinforced track for improved movement across the track
  • Combinable with a slim-framed, thermally separated GCprofile Therm and thermally separated fanlight
  • Increased leaf load carrying capacity up to 140 kg in combination with the thermally separated profile
High quality hermetic solution

GEZE MCRdrive automatic and hermetically sealed sliding door system

Sliding door system GEZE MCRdrive

GEZE MCRdrive: hermetic door system for maximum customer individuality through modular design. © GEZE GmbH

With the GEZE MCRdrive door, we offer a complete hermetic door system for the standard-compliant closure of rooms with special functions (e.g. operating theatre, clean room, etc.).

Advantages of the GEZE MCRdrive sliding door system:

  • Circumferential seal reduces air permeability of the closed sliding door system
  • Maximum customer individuality due to modular design
  • High-quality hermetic solution: air permeability according to EN 12207
  • Sound insulation according to DIN EN 4109

F 1200+ automated turn-and-tilt hardware

Natural ventilation with automated windows ensures efficient air exchange

Natural ventilation with automated windows ensures efficient air exchange © GEZE GmbH

The new F 1200+ drive allows for large windows to be comfortably opened and locked in a manner that is easier, faster and safer to operate. The F 1200+ has a very powerful motor which can turn and tilt even heavy window elements of up to 200 kg of leaf weight and is extraordinarily quiet when doing so.

Advantages of the F 1200+ window drive:

  • 3-in-1 function: Opening, locking and operating function combined in one drive
  • Powerful motor for elements up to 3.5 m and 200 kg
  • Intuitive to operate even for untrained users (for example in office and administrative buildings, hotels and educational institutes) thanks to user feedback
  • Capacitive operating unit with integrated proximity sensor makes it easy and safe to use
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Slim all-rounder

Slimchain 24 V chain drive

The Slimchain chain drive convinces with its slim design.

The Slimchain chain drive convinces with its slim design. © GEZE GmbH

The Slimchain chain drive blends subtly into the façade with its slim, compact design. It also offers numerous applications:

Inward and outward opening windows with bottom-hung, top-hung and side-hung leaves are possible, as are top-hung outwardly projecting windows and parallel-opening vent windows. It can also be used in fresh air and exhaust air systems, smoke and heat extraction systems and in intelligent façades. There's nothing standing in the way of comfortable, natural ventilation: in schools, offices or gyms, or in your own four walls.

Advantages of the Slimchain 24 V window drive:

  • Can be integrated perfectly into the façade design thanks to its slim and discreet look
  • Individually adjustable drive stroke and speeds for ventilation and smoke & heat extraction
  • Available as special version: Stroke, cable length, colour and alignment configurable to DIN left-hand/right-hand door
  • Synchronisation of up to four drives without external control unit
  • DIP switches for changing the mode of operation (Solo and Syncro, master, slave)
  • Quick and easy to install thanks to the GEZE Smart Fix installation system
  • IQ windowdrive for intelligent drive control
  • Compatible with IQ box KNX and IQ box Safety interface modules
  • Certified as a natural smoke and heat extraction system in accordance with EN 12101-2

Safe ventilation with power-operated windows

IQ box Safety

TÜV-tested solution for maximum safety: IQ box Safety

TÜV-tested solution for maximum safety: IQ box Safety © GEZE GmbH

IQ box Safety is a new product in the field of window technology. Certified by TÜV (a German technical service organisation), IQ box Safety offers the highest level of safety for power-operated windows up to protection class 4. IQ box Safety is suitable for protecting closing edges on automatic windows with IQ windowdrive 24 V drives and enables switching strips and contactless sensors to be connected. Each window connects one IQ box Safety to up to four window drives and two locking drives. It is suitable for natural ventilation and smoke & heat extraction systems, as well as for all activations (such as control panels for smoke & heat extraction systems, 24 V power supplies, KNX, IQ gear). This therefore allows planners and architects greater flexibility and creative freedom in the layout of ventilation windows and smoke & heat extraction windows.

Advantages of IQ box Safety:

  • Fulfils the requirements of the highest protection class in accordance with risk assessment for power-operated windows under the Machinery Directive (Protection class 4)
  • TÜV certified functional safety in accordance with DIN EN 13849-1 
  • Four sensor connections that can be assigned to switch strips or non-contact sensors
  • Top hat rail housing with pluggable terminals for quick and simple wiring
  • Integrated push button for manually closing windows during servicing
  • Top hat rail module with pluggable terminals for quick and simple wiring
  • Parameters can be adjusted using GEZE service terminal ST 220

Tip: Learn more about this topic in our specialist talk “Healthy room climate – efficient exchange of air through natural ventilation”.


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Product image Powerchain

Chain drive for large and heavy window elements that require large opening widths. © GEZE GmbH

The GEZE Powerchain electric Chain drive is suitable when large forces and very large opening widths are required. Nevertheless, it is quickly installed with the innovative GEZE Smart fix mounting system. With the commissioning case, the window drives from the IQ windowdrives series can be quickly and easily commissioned and tested even without a power connection.

Advantages of Powerchain:

  • Fast opening speeds in the event of smoke and heat extraction, even for very heavy windows
  • Continuously adjustable drive stroke and individual speeds for ventilation and smoke and heat extraction
  • Available as special version - stroke, cable length and colour configurable
  • Synchronisation of max. four drives without external control unit
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Staircase control panel with illuminated SHEV and ventilation buttons

THZ N4 + THZ Comfort

Product illustration THZ Comfort N4

Staircase control unit in robust metal housing with illuminated SHEV and ventilation push-buttons. © GEZE GmbH

The staircase control panels THZ N4 and THZ Comfort N4have been completely revised: They now have a stronger power supply unit that can be used to supply an additional window drive. In addition, both models are now equipped with an interface for the GEZE service terminal ST220, with which commissioning and maintenance can be carried out more quickly and conveniently. A new connection terminal simplifies the connection of the motor line. Thanks to their small dimensions, the optimised THZ N4 and THZ Comfort N4 can also be mounted inconspicuously in narrow stairwells.

Advantages of THZ N4 + THZ Comfort:

  • Compact and attractive design with a very robust metal housing
  • Increased safety due to integrated, illuminated RWA and ventilation button
  • Adjustable backlight of the SHEV button
  • Safety and reliability confirmed by VdS recognition and TÜV test
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Overhead door closer

TS 5000 SoftClose

Product image TS 5000 SoftClose

Overhead door closer with guide rail for single leaf doors up to 1400 mm leaf width with latching action and brake-to-stop function © Getty Images / iStockphoto

A new generation of the TS 5000: Depending on requirements, a latching action can be set on the overhead door closer or the door leaf can be slowed down to the last opening degrees. The door is nevertheless pulled securely into the lock with constant force - even in difficult ambient conditions.

Advantages of TS 5000 SoftClose:

  • Closing force of EN2-6 with variable adjustment
  • Can be used for right and left hand doors without conversion
  • Latching action / smooth latching function can be adjusted from the front via valve
  • Closing speed can be individually adjusted

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GEZE ActiveStop

Product image GEZE ActiveStop

Door dampers on both sides for interior wooden hinged doors. © GEZE GmbH

Don't miss the new surface-mounted variant of the GEZE ActiveStop door damping system as well as the live installation demo at our trade fair stand. The system ensures the controlled, damped opening and closing of room doors and thus a whole new level of door comfort. The surface-mounted version is easy to stick on and can be removed again with virtually no residue. Also a real enrichment for retrofitting or for rented flats!

Advantages of GEZE ActiveStop:

  • Door opening angle with variable adjustment from 80°-140°
  • Can be used for right and left hand doors without conversion
  • Soft opening and closing of doors up to max. 45 kg leaf weight
  • Gentle stopping, quiet closing and comfortable keeping open of doors
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Extendable smoke switch control unit for all GEZE hold-open devices


Product image RSZ 7


The new RSZ 7 smoke switch control unit with height-adjustable telescopic function ensures easy positioning of smoke inlets in difficult fall situations, e.g. if the ceiling is too low. Test the RSZ 7 directly at our stand in combination with a radio hold-open system and the TS 5000 SoftClose.

Advantages of RSZ 7:

  • Telescopic function for bridging overhangs of up to 30 mm
  • Connection to 230 V power supply and 24 V DC supply of the hold-open device
  • Voltage supply of the hold-open system is interrupted in the case of an alarm and the doors close
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Compact professional for complex solutions

MBZ 300 N8

Product image MBZ 300 N8

© Jürgen Pollak / GEZE GmbH

SHEV control units open window drives safely and reliably in case of fire and provide fresh air through controlled natural ventilation in everyday life. The new N8 version of the MBZ 300 modular bus control centre is impressive with its particularly compact housing. The right choice for small and medium-sized buildings as well as staircases: The MBZ 300 N8 can be individually configured and expanded thanks to its modular design. Standard functions can be configured by the number and sequence of modules.

Advantages of MBZ 300 N8:

  • Modular design to allow flexible adaptation to project-specific requirements
  • Convenient extension by clicking on another module in a control unit
  • Simple service and installation thanks to status display directly on the module
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Wireless extension

FA GC 170 wireless extension kit for hold-open systems

Find out how easy it is to install the FA GC 170 in our video.

The GEZE wireless extension FA GC 170 connects ceiling detectors and manual release buttons wirelessly with the fall detector of GEZE hold-open systems. There is no need for separate cable routing. This simplifies planning, especially in listed buildings and when retrofitting hold-open systems in existing buildings. The system is tested according to the European standard for fire alarm systems DIN EN 54-25.

Advantages of FA GC 170 wireless extension kit:

  • No cable connection needed between lintel-mounted detector and ceiling-mounted detector or manual trigger switch
  • Simple coupling of the wireless components
  • Mixed installation (wireless/wired) possible
  • Low servicing costs due to long battery life of eight years
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